New Website Maps a Growing Water Threat in the U.S. – Next City

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“Ashtracker” shows how chemicals from coal-waste dumps are affecting groundwater.

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Pollution-guzzling, Air-cleaning Buildings

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Seven million premature deaths in a single year were the result of air pollution exposure, the World Health Organization reported recently. That’s one in eight of total global deaths in 2012. This new finding doubles previous estimates, confirming that air pollution is now the world’s single largest environmental health risk. Cities around the world are increasingly turning to technology for solutions, and here are some of the most innovative designs…

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First Polio Cases Since 1999 Suspected In Syria

Initial tests indicate that polio has paralyzed at least two children in eastern Syria.

Eric K. Noji, M.D.‘s insight:

If the cases are confirmed, they’d be the first ones in the war-torn nation in more than a decade. The country eliminated polio in 1999.

Syria used to have one of the highest polio vaccination rates in the region. If the virus has returned, it would be a high-profile example of the ramifications of the collapse of Syria’s once-vaunted public health system.

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