Dr. Jean Felix Observes Kwitonda Group Gorillas “Fishing” for Ants

Dr. Jean Felix recently visited Kwitonda group in Volcanoes National Park for a routine health che…

Eric K. Noji, M.D.‘s insight:

“…He reported that Kigoma initially was “eating ants by reaching his left hand into the ant pile before putting it in his mouth. He ran away at one point – it appeared the ants were biting his arm. Afterwards, juvenile female Lisanga joined him and used a piece of wood to retract the ants from their nest.”

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Publications – risk-assessment-middle-east-respiratory-syndrome-coronavirus-MERS-CoV-17-may-2013.pdf…

#Coronavirus #MERS-CoV: see recommendations by @ECDC_EU in updated risk assessment http://t.co/vPBPanuPnp

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