Release of “New” Gobi Desert Medical Kit Announced

The 2003 joint Mongolian-American palaeontology expedition to the southeastern Gobi Desert encountered extreme heat, cold, sandstorms, and even hail, within hou

Eric K. Noji, M.D.‘s insight:

A very timely publication in view of the fact that Dr. Noji has been appointed as attending physician for the upcoming Stanford expedition to the deserts of Mongolia and steppes of central Asia led by global climate expert, Stanford Professor Franklin “Lynn” Orr in mid July — the hottest period of the year.  Expedition staff will be housed in traditional nomadic “ger”, required to become relatively expert at riding camels through the sand dunes of the Gobi desert, but few have achieved Dr. Noji’s skills at traditional khoomi throat singing which predates the conquests of Genghis Khan. The expedition will terminate at the recently excavated capital of the far-flung Mongol Empire, Karakorum, visited by Marco Polo and the seat of power of the greatest of the Mongol emperors, Kublai Khan.

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